It is an unique and innovative project in the region, contemplating modern and bold architecture, looking for providing comfort to the clients and users, practicality and quality, using light materials and in perfect harmony with the neighborhood. It will be composed by 03 distinct blocks, being two of them in front of Amaral Peixoto HIGHWAY and one on the intern part, interconnected by a street, providing visibility and equal access to all shops.

   All shops will have double right foot and glassy facade. Besides that, we will have a bedroom and final space designated to cinema rooms, which will be a special attraction to the enterprise. On the second pavement, connected by 01 elevator in each block, we will have 41 rooms of different sizes designated to clinics, offices, courses etc.

    We are looking to explore, at the same spot, a diversified commerce, services like banks, mails and options of leisure and entertainment, with a unique and innovative project of architecture and construction. On the superior pavement, rooms to medical clinics and offices. 03 big anchor shops and future expansion with 02 cinema rooms of last generation. Excellent location and easy parking lot, in front of the highway. With intense flux of approximately 5.000 vehicles/day, according to DER-RJ data. Local consumer’s market in wide growth and possibilities of attendence to residents and visitors of near cities, like Rio das Ostras, Macaé, Armação dos Búzios and São Pedro D’Aldeia.