Tamoios is located on Cabo Frio’s city, Rio de Janeiro’s state. With 45.958 inhabitants of population (50,1% women and 49,9% men) and, according to 2010’s IBGE census, 30.138 particular and collective residences, it estimates that the population verges today to 60.000 inhabitants. Its local population is predominantly classified on C1 and C2 category of consumption, with a total of 28,73% (research source of family’s budget POF by IBGE-2011) having a population density of 169,38 inhabitants per square meter.At the census of the year 2000, the population of Tamoios was 21.515 inhabitants. In 10 years the population’s growth was higher than 100%. In 1991, the population of Tamoios was 5.835 residents, according to the census of IBGE of 1991. Tamoios is responsible for, approximately, 73% of royalties which the city of Cabo Frio receives for the petroleum exploration in its maritime platform.


   The district has one of the biggest alcohol plants of Brazil. The tourism is a little undeveloped, despite the beautiful beaches, navigable rivers and natural reserves, like the Golden-lion-tamarin Reserve and the Lazy Park.


   Therefore, we consider a region in full development, considering its proximity of Cabo Frio (site), Armação dos Búzios, Casimiro de Abreu, Rio das Ostras, Macaé and São Pedro D’Aldeia.